Our Team

Richard Dickson

Over ten years' experience as developer and
construction project director

Leading all functions of construction project management including planning, designing, processing, specs-approvals, managing staff, supervising sub-contractors, budgeting, scheduling, progress reporting and timely completion of projects.

Proactively managing, overseeing and executing large scale construction projects.

  • Thorough knowledge of issues and safety standards
  • Effective time management and logical decision- making ability
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Capacity to motivate, lead and boost team morale
  • Managing complex projects from start to finish
  • Planning, managing and delivering multiple projects
  • Maintaining key client relationships
  • Supporting and mentoring staff
  • Utilising negotiation skills and employing decision-making under pressure
  • Drafting proposals for new projects
  • Strategically managing risk

Construction Project Manager Olympic Delivery Authority
/ London Organising Committee Olympic & Paralympic Games 2012

LOCOG 2010-2012

Construction project management for the temporary infrastructure for Olympic Venues including: Grandstands, TV Platforms, Marquees, Kitchen Facilities, Toilet and Shower Facilities and Security Overlay.

Olympic Venues Delivered for LOCOG: Olympic Park (Hockey venue), Hyde Park, Lords Cricket Ground, Wimbledon Tennis Centre, Eton & Dorney Lake, Brands Hatch, Wembley Stadium & Wembley Concert Venue, Earls Court Venue.

Key Project Lead Activities
  • Oversee construction of special projects from inception to planning to completion
  • Coordinated design and planning to ensure design standards are met and maintained
  • Conducted and performed site surveys during various stages of the construction project
  • Analysed vendor proposals and selected the appropriate one for each project
  • Reviewed construction technical documentation for accuracy, feasibility, quality and conformance to industry standards
  • Supervised and guided other staff throughout the construction process

ODA 2008-2010

Construction project manager part of a team for the delivery of the Copper Bowl Stadium Olympic Park and the Athlete’s Accommodation which was 600 new build 2-3 bed apartments.

Key Project Lead Activities
  • Divided massive construction project into small and easy steps, enabling contractors to perform their functions as per their area of expertise
  • Arranged work force as per requirement of project and dispatched schedule to worksite
  • Acted as a link between clients and workforce, reviewed work on clients’ behalf and issued reports to clients
  • Contacted contractors regularly for project development updates
  • Controlled the budget for the complete project and signed off on QS valuations
  • Ensured all construction processes were completed as per safety and quality guidelinesconstruction process

Ben Mekie

Over 20 years' experience of entrepreneurship and
property investment / development.


Owns a portfolio of properties in South West and South East London.

Ran property development business in Bratislava, Slovakia between 2002 and 2006. All projects doubled in value and benefited from an 80% exchange gain.


Founded and grew Acuity Associates professional services and recruitment brand. Founded 2007.

Still owner, Ben has stepped back to allow the existing team to run the brand.


Part of core team (fifth to join) that grew Firstsource from 5 people to 13,000 in 6 years as European CFO.

Firstsource floated for $100m in 2006.


Founded and grew Carbon Ltd from a £20k investment to a £1m t/o going concern; sold shares in 2000.


Matt Kay

Sourcing and Acquisitions Manager


Bryco Funding, San Francisco, CA. - State Licensed Commercial and Residential Loan Officer


Veracity Mortgage, Los Angeles, CA. - Regional Office Mgr. Residential Mortgages


Non real estate related work


Albion Investment Partners, Hammersmith, London - Commercial Investment Acquisitions and Asset Management


Delectus Project Mgmt - London, Residential Development Acquisitions Manager